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I will move into "Palm Isles III",
Boynton beach, FL - December thu March
& will try to help anyone in the area who wants me to. Contact me Through the GUESTBOOK Button at left.

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Larry Weiss creates original fine art as well as free art lessons online; Larrys watercolor lessons contain demonstrations and tips for beginner through advanced painters.




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Updated 5/14//11

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Larry Weiss's other job.

My most recent adventure is a an internet business which sells mattresses for antique and sofa beds.

In 1958 I started Piper Plastics, a company which does Dip Molding and Plastic Coating

Art is many things. A painting is first and foremost, wall decoration (Van Gogh). As such, a good painting represents the skill of the artist in choosing a subject, creating the composition, and his manual ability. All this directed at making something worth living with. Yet that’s not why the artist creates his art.

I have asked of every good painter I have ever met; “why do you paint?” Of course the real question was, “why do I paint?” It’s a question I have been asking myself for years, with no good answer. A master artist friend of mine agrees. If we ever found the answer we would probably stop painting. We also agree that we would never stop creating.

Creating art for me encompasses much more than painting. All my adult life has been filled with art. The primary expression has been machine design. Other art forms that have delighted me for many years are sailing and more recently skiing. You may not agree that these are legitimate art forms. What is more creative than making a machine which extends the capabilities of the human body? My machinery makes people stronger, faster, more accurate, than they could ever be alone. Skiing and sailing are both acts of grace, much like dance.

I love:
The smell of oil paint.
The smell of watercolor paper.
The way the paint flows out of the brush onto a paper painting surface.
How a puddle of water will not spread on the paper unless you push it with a brush.
To watch different watercolors intermingle on the paper painting surface.
How wet colors run onto one another.
To start a painting.
To finish a painting.

I also love
abstract, realism, landscape, and the human figure.

Larry Weiss
West Islip - Long Island - New York
Palm Isles II - Boynton Beach - Fla

Online free art lessons


Paintings - The Fine Art Of Larry Weiss

You may be interested in the thought processes which go into the creation of one of my paintings. There is lot more to it then you might imagine, including serious abstract underpinnings. Some paintings look realistic, but my main concentration is about shape and color.
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