Contemporary Realism

   by Larry Weiss


I create fairly realistic paintings often with, whatever media seems appropriate for the job: watercolors, oils and acrylics, gauche. pencil, ink, etc. All my work is varnished and ready for hanging.

After dozens of workshops and hundreds of hours in life drawing sessions I am now comfortable at the easel.

BUT -- Creating a good painting is a lot more than technique.

I follow a very old school of thought called the "PRE-RAPHAELITES" They required that the artist paint morally uplifting subjects, using transparent paints on a white surface. They used harmonious relationships of shape, color, value and texture.

My other school of thought is very modern. The artist must set up sat up a dialogue with the viewer, and that dialogue has to involve the viewer on their terms, and that dialog has to remain alive and maturing after long the work is bought.

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