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Years ago, we settled down to raise our children in West Islip. It's a shore community on Long Island, New York. I created a plastic molding business. The business was successful and today is primarily a medical products manufacturer.

When the kids left the nest, I found myself with the time to pursue a lifelong interest, drawing and painting. My teachers include some real heavyweights: Brian Atyeo, Stephan Quiller and Chen Kee Chee stand out. All of these giants were prize winners of the American Watercolor Society, (that's about as big as it gets).

Currently, I am a member of several local art associations, enter shows, have won ribbons and awards, and teach painting. I am a lecturer in demand for local art associations; primarily because my audience is usually laughing.

It's my goal to create thoughtful and beautiful art. It's also important to teach, and help other artists along the road.

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